How We Create Your Email Marketing Campaign

Bespoke Email Marketing Strategy

We’ll get to know everything about your business and brand, and make your goals our own. Then we’ll use that knowledge to create a bespoke, clear, and ambitious (yet, achievable – with our help) strategy for making the most of your contact list. 

Engaging Email Creation

Strategies discussed and in place, we then get to work crafting powerful and compelling copy that will build connections and develop brand loyalty. It starts with click-inducing subject lines, and continues through to a body of text that incites conversation and viewer to buyer conversions.

Email Upload and Automation

Automated Email Marketing will drive business growth. We can create personalised messaging for clients and customers that will send automatically when they take action on your website. Target the right people with bespoke and personalised text that builds trust, connection and incite those essential conversations and conversions.

Monitoring Campaign Success

We won’t just send your emails and leave you to it, we’ll stick around to monitor your campaign’s success and ensure goals are achieved. However, if you commit to a long-term marketing campaign, we’ll raise your goals higher every time they’re met, helping you reach your dream revenue and business growth.

Email Marketing Services

Maximise Sales with Engaging, Data-Driven Email Marketing

Email Marketing is effective, achieves high conversions, and builds brand loyalty by maintaining connections with customers and clients.

However, one mistake businesses often make is failing to utilise their contact lists. A mailing list is a valuable marketing asset, but it needs careful management and keen nurturing in order to reach those desired results.

Maybe you have an established Newsletter, but it isn’t creating the desired results. Perhaps you have collected customer contacts but haven’t a clue what to do with them. Or, you may know exactly what to do but lack the essential time to devote to the cause. Whatever your experience with Email Marketing, we can come in at any level to assist.

Engaging Email Marketing is not about sending your contacts instructions, like what to buy, it’s about crafting words that speak to them and build connections and loyalty to your brand. Compelling subject lines will pull them in and make email opening rates soar, but the email body can create sales funnels that result in conversions.

Building relationships with customers and clients, and establishing trust, is the key to creating brand loyalty. They’ll keep coming back, and recommend you to friends too. New contacts need nurturing to convert their interest into sales, and existing customers need engaging again and again, to keep them returning again and again. Your business will last a lifetime (or more), when your customer lifetime value increases.

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Client Testimonial

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Here’s what our clients have to say:

“Massive thanks to Amen from @heartcmsuk great job and tremendous service. for any Web Design Nottingham or Online Marketing requirements including being found on Google check them out.”

Yianni Charalambous

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