How We Do Content Marketing

Industry Research

Part of getting to know you, is getting to know your industry and competitors – we’ll look at what others are doing, analysing what is working and what isn’t, and use this to identify ways that we can make your business stand out.

Influencer Pitching

We have an established list of trusted content creators ready to work with you. People trust brands promoted by people that they know and trust. We’ll introduce the chosen influencers to your brand and then work on collaboration ideas with you and them.

Partner Negotiations

You may know your industry, but Influencers know their audience better than anyone. We will work with them and create an engaging campaign that their followers will love. Through their follower’s trust in them, your brand will gain credibility too.

Content Marketing

Become a Voice of Authority with Strategic Content

We will create content that converts

Get people talking about your brand

Keep customers interested in you

Stand out from your competitors

Increase business profits

Reach the most relevant consumers

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Client Testimonial

Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“Massive thanks to Amen from @heartcmsuk great job and tremendous service. for any Web Design Nottingham or Online Marketing requirements including being found on Google check them out.”

Yianni Charalambous

How Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Will Start


We Review Your Goals

The most important step in any of our marketing campaigns is getting to know you and your brand. We want to know what you’re all about and come to understand your ultimate business goals, so that we can deliver you to them.


We Review Your Industry

Now we know you, we take a wider look and examine your industry. We need to know what your target audience are engaging with. Influencer Marketing is about creating conversations, and gaining trust – looking to your industry provides us with the information to start conversations that will convert.  


We Review Your Competitors

We look at what your competitors are doing to understand what is working, and what’s not. This enables us to spot opportunities and weaknesses so that we can develop a campaign strategy that’ll make you stand out. 


We Create Your Bespoke Influencer Marketing Strategy

Using all of our newfound information, we put together your bespoke marketing strategy. It’s unique to what will work specifically for your brand: inciting conversations, building a community, creating trust and ultimately delivering you to your business goals.


Influencers Promote
Your Brand

With most of the hard work on our end already done, we hand over the baton to the relevant, trusted, and current content creators agreed upon and contacted during Step 4. The influencer’s themselves will showcase your product and brand with self created content and promotions.


You Achieve Your Goals

After Step 5 you’ll really start to see the magic happen. Consciously and subconsciously more and more people will begin to choose your brand and products as they begin to see it displayed through their trusted influences – in subtle or not so subtle ways. The results will be a larger following who’ll grow to know and love you, and lead to goal-achieving results. 

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