By: Amen Sharma / September 4, 2018

When To Hire Someone To Run Your Instagram

Is focusing on Instagram when you’re trying to run a business becoming time-consuming?  We’re not surprised as Instagram now has over 25 million business profiles and around 2 million active advertisers per month.  If used correctly it can be a great social network that creates success for your business. However, many businesses can find it time-consuming as you have to be interactive and engaging frequently to keep up.

This has led many businesses hiring someone just to look after their Instagram marketing and nothing else.  Here is why Instagram is important for your business and why you should have time allocated to maintaining it:


There are some mind-blowing statistics surrounding Instagram.  For example, there are 4.2 billion posts per day and 80% of all users follow at least one business account.  This usage has only been accelerated by Instagram Stories which has around 400 million users posting on it daily.  The use of Stories significantly increases a users visibility and reach.

Stories account for ⅕ of a business’ total impressions on the channel.  They are updating the app with new Instagram features regularly with music added to stories, questions, IGTV and more.

It is easier to create organic content on Instagram as it has so many features to interact with and it has been said that the more features you use, the more likely you are to appear in Instagram’s algorithm.

This has been added to with the release of IGTV which businesses and marketers are still analysing how it can make a positive impact.


It is becoming increasingly harder to achieve organic views due to constant changes being made by Instagram.  This includes a change to its application-programming interface which means third-party social media tools can rarely do any of the following:

  • Like or reply to content
  • View full profiles of users
  • Follow or unfollow users

Also for business profiles to continue to work, they need to be re-authenticated with their Facebook pages.

So why should you employ someone to take care of Instagram?

With the all the changes mentioned above, Instagram is making it more time-consuming for businesses to maintain their Instagram profiles.  You will have to spend time manually uploading content or scheduling content, but then on top of that will have to stay on top of engaging with other users too.

Also, there is no tool for you to upload to live stories or IGTV and as they are now an important part of Instagram, they aren’t features you can simply ignore.  

Instagram seems to just keep growing and it has cemented itself as one of the best social networks for marketing and is great for businesses.  It isn’t something you can neglect so if you need to dedicate quality time to your business’ Instagram then we can help manage Instagram or any other social media channel for you.

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