By: Gareth James / January 9, 2017

Why Your Website Needs A Blog

A blog is going to be one of the most important aspects of your website for a number of reasons:

  1. It helps drive traffic to your website

How often to you get to update the content on your website? In truth, how many times can you really update the about us page? Not often, if ever. So blogging it a great way of solving that one big problem. Google likes to see website that are active and dynamic, and the constant adding of new/relevant content is key to this. So every time you write a blog, this gets indexed by Google and gives you another opportunity to show up in search engines.

Secondly, a blog post allows you to be discovered by social media, every time you publish a new post, you’re creating content that can be shared via social media. Hence, expanding your reach to people who may not know you exist. This also helps with your social media content, instead of having to constantly come up with something to post, a blog can ask a buffer.

  1. It helps convert traffic into leads

Now you have new traffic coming to your website through your blog this gives you new opportunities to convert this traffic into a lead of paying customer.  So make sure you have great call to actions around your blog to capture a lead of get the user to do something on your site.

  1. It helps establish credibility and authority

The best blogs our there are constantly giving away free tips or answering common questions their customers might have. By constantly putting great content our there to be read and shared you are boosting the authority of your brand



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