By: Gareth James / May 8, 2018

Using Instagram to reach your intended audience

One of the best ways to find out about a company is to browse their website. This provides you information about the brand, designed in a way to optimise sales and awareness. Companies put hours of time, getting to know their users, creating storyboards and designing flexible site navigation. All of the research comes together to catch your attention and to spend more time of their website, enhancing their statistics and sale rates. But Instagram is becoming the new website homepage.

Instagram is the next big thing for your business and it can be optimised to enhance sales, awareness and followers. Instagram is the modern search engine, with millennials searching Instagram first before the websites. They search your photos and follower count before getting the seal of approval to visit your website. The fastest and easiest way to get customers is standing out from the crowd, utilising your Instagram is one step towards success.

Whether you’re looking for make up, clothing or a holiday, Instagram provides a platform to search everything. If you’re planning a trip abroad, the simple utilisation of hashtag searches, you can figure out where to go, which cities might be food to visit. This can be further broken down into hotels, resorts etc. Instagram provides people with the opportunity to look at real-life pictures, without professionally edited pictures or selective reviews. Instagram also provides the opportunity to see live stories from guests currently staying their.

Tagged photos or locations allow users to see a product or location through the eyes of customers. Instagram provides a more authentic protrayel than Google. It is real-life and consumers are aware of it

The use of tags and advertisements also ensure it pops up in more people’s feeds. Even if someone wasn’t interested in the company/product/location, a tag may allow a picture to catch someone’s attention. This one picture is the link to your Instagram page, so your whole page needs to be designed to utilise this and draw them in, before taking them to your website to purchase products and holidays. This is your opportunity to convince the audience why they should follow you and why they should take your custom.

So how can you optimise your Instagram profile?

Your Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio plays the same role as anything you would put above the fold on your landing page. When they land on your website, you want customers to instantly understand what your business is and what it does/sells, without having to navigate about. This can be utilised in your Instagram bio. Like your landing page, there is limited space available so you have to instantly convey to your visitors what your business is actually about.

Instead of making it about you, make it about your customers and how you will inspire them. If you are offering a service of a product, make sure you’re using your Instagram bio everything they need to know and how to contact you.

Links in your bio

The link in your bio is a call for action. If you’re a shop then the button might have a shop button to make it easier to shop on the sight. For others, you may use this to point towards your portfolio or contact information. The same links can be put in your bio, utilising the goals of your customers and what actions you want them to take.

It is also important to tell your viewers what the link is for. Is this link going to take them to sign up for something, or a specific area of the website, your most recent blog, etc. This is a great way to drive traffic to specific areas of your website.

Instagram stories highlights

A relatively new feature to Instagram is their story highlights. Stories are a great opportunity to promote your brand, i.e. a demonstration of a product or something relating to the location. It is a great way to tell a story, get more followers and make more sales. The new feature of being able to save your story highlights to appear at the top of your feed, allows potential customers to view the stories after they’ve been missed. Story highlights help to navigate to a specific topic of your page, advertising it more than pictures and short videos alone. You can emphasise the best areas of your business in one place.

Each highlight can be thought of as a category on your website. This could be an about page, one for tops, dressers, accessories etc. Whatever separate pages you have on your website, you can create a seperate story highlight. This means you can create highlights for each of their collections, without needing to leave Instagram. This generates a feel for the whole website without having to do the hard work.

Instagram aesthetic

Like how every website utilises their brand and every brand has it’s own aesthetic, this needs to be transferred across your social media platforms. A good aesthetic is the first opportunity to make a good impression for your potential followers (and customers). Similar colours, logos, fonts, etc. should be reflected across your posts. Your brand should be identifiable in every picture you made.

To ensure your brand is advertised across your website you don’t need to be extreme in your aesthetic. Choose one aesthetic that represents your brand, one colour or one pattern that can be peaked into every picture. If your brand colour is green, ensure every picture had a pop of green. You could also achieve a good aesthetic across your brand by always using the same filters or doing the same editing on every picture. You can hide any posts that don’t fit your aesthetic by using the archive feature. This feature ensures you don’t lose comments, likes or analytics which you would be simply deleting a post.

These are a few quick and easy steps to make your Instagram do the talking for you and advertise your brand. Utilising Instagram is the faster way to reach a growing audience, with Instagram uses liking over 4.2 billion posts a day. It’s promotion without the hard work.

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