By: Amen Sharma / August 2, 2018

Twitter For Business

Twitter has over 500 million users and it continues to grow, therefore, it can be a great outlet for connecting with your target audience. Twitter can be a great accessory for any business and here are some great tips for making it work for you.


There are five elements to your Twitter profile: the handle, profile picture, biography, header image and pinned tweet. Your handle is the first thing to identify you. In the 15 characters, you need to create a simple way to find your business. Your photo should then visually represent your brand, it will be displayed throughout your profile and in every tweet. The bio allows you 160 characters to describe your business, a limited space to try and attract as many potential clients as possible. You can then use your header image to highlight any promotions, events or news about your business. The pinned tweet is the first tweet visitors see on your profiles, therefore, should be utilised to promote your brand.

Discovery Tool

Twitter is used as a discovery tool by consumers and business – it can locate potential clients as well as understanding what is being published now and in the future. This is done by searching for key terms relating to a business, target publications and specific hashtags. Further, you can seek out relevant users and/or publicists who post about similar content to you, therefore creating a network. Twitter can also send you emails to suggest similar users to your interests.

Twitter Favourites

Favourites are symbolised by the star icon next to a tweet, frequently used when a user likes a tweet. This allows the posters to be notified that you liked it, but it can also be used as a way of storing the tweet for later. You can then view your favourites by going to your profile and selecting them from the left-hand side navigation. This can be used for a business by favouriting any tweets from customers/clients who have provided testimonials about their experience. This demonstrates you appreciate their feedback but also enables you to embed them into your site. One of the best insights into your company is what other people actually think of you, therefore you can build up a strong collection of these.


Hashtags are used to group words or phrases together, providing a searchable database for certain categories e.g. #fashion or #FollowFriday, but also are a perfect companion for live events. Live tweeting allows you to contribute your reactions to an event as it is happening, whether it is breaking news or entertainment-related. Further, if holding your own event, you can encourage people to live tweet using one hashtag to encourage interactions with the event and business.

As a business, you can create your own hashtags to draw attention but they need to be consistent for them to catch on. Therefore, the better use of hashtags is to latch onto relevant trending topics to help contribute to the conversation or promotion of a product. Hashtags should be used appropriately and strategically to allow interaction without overwhelming and appearing spam-like.

Direct Messages

Interacting with clients is important for troubleshooting issues and handling problems. The use of direct messages means you can resolve problems without other users seeing the problems. Further, there is no character limit which provides freedom to properly help customers. This may provide a more personalised response to customers, which may be lost through emails or online chat support.

Twitter Promotions

Twitter is a free platform, however, by paying for additional features you are able to use additional promotion techniques. Promoted tweets are regular tweets but will appear in user’s feeds even if they don’t follow you. These are a way to advertise and expand their reach to a wider group of users beyond their followers. Promoted accounts are designed to help brands to become more discoverable and grow followers. These ads appear in the who to follow box, the twitter feed and top of search results. Finally, promoted trends appear at the top of the trending topics list. Promoted tweets and accounts target specific users, but promoted trends are visible to all users.

There are many useful ways that Twitter can be used to enhanced engagement with your business. It provides an opportunity to have personalised contact with (potential) clients, as well as creating a network of individuals and businesses sharing common interests with each other. What do you think, are you ready to reboot your experiences and promote your business?

Here at HeartCMS, we like to use Twitter as a tool and an essential component in the marketing of your business. If you’re looking to boost sales and exposure, feel free to get in touch via our online marketing website  or call us on 0800 471 4841 and we will help to find the right way to utilise Twitter for your business.

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