By: Amen Sharma / April 19, 2017

Track Your Belongings With The TrackR Bravo

Are you always losing things, or forgetting where you’ve put them. Don’t worry the new TrackR Bravo device may be the thing that you are looking for.

The TrackR Bravo is a pound coin sized device, which can be attached to just about anything. The idea is that it can be found with your phone using the GPS if it gets lost with your belonging. For example, if you had the little device in your wallet and your wallet got lost around the house you then can locate your wallet using your phone. The device also provides a sound feature which you can activate from your phone to help you locate your item.

You can apply this technology to anything from your keys, a wallet, a purse and even your bike or car. However, when going outside your house the device uses a feature called crowd GPS which will locate your item, but this only works if there is another user with the same technology (TrackR Bravo) in that location. Unfortunately, many reviewers have tested this feature using the crowd GPS and had to wait hours before it located their device in public.

So if you lost your wallet in a supermarket you will have to rely on other users having a TrackR Bravo device at least a 100ft near your wallet before it would send you a location. It’s a pity the device does not use a public Wi-Fi for location details. Over time we expect this to be a growing technology so it will only get better.



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