By: Amen Sharma / June 26, 2018

The New Snapchat Feature To Rival Facebook

Last week Snap, the company behind Snapchat, introduced a tool that developers have been longing for: Snap Kit.  This tool lets developers build apps that integrate with the popular and fun photo messaging app.

This comes after Facebook were under fire for allowing developers to access what has been deemed as too much user data by critics.  Snapchat insists privacy is the top priority and ensures users it will be limiting how much data developers can collect.

Snap Kit will enable users to log into other services and applications in a similar way you can already through your Facebook or Google account.  This enhances the benefits to the user of being secure as you don’t have to set up an entire new account for an application.

Snapchat has made clear that the only data it will share is the Snapchat username with the third party and their personalised bitmoji avatars.  Snapchat will still hold the other data of the user which is safer for them.

They have said that they aim to provide developers of applications and other services with the convenience of letting users log in easily without the inconvenience of creating a large data set on the users.  They don’t think accessing any more data than the username and bitmoji is necessary or beneficial at this time.

This will be a great step forward and will let Snapchat take the forefront as a safe app ever since Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal.  They are hoping this will be a great comeback for them as last year Snapchat’s parent company’s shares had a fall of $1.3bn after a tweet by Kylie Jenner in February criticised them.

Do you think you would feel safe using this service? Do you trust Snapchat more than Facebook? Let us know in the comments below…

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