By: Gareth James / April 13, 2018

The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of businesses promoting their products and/or services to consumers through email.  

Despite the development of major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which have all become essential marketing tools, email is still running the show when it comes to consumer reach. As of 2017, while 61% of internet users are present on social media, a staggering 94% of users have email and therefore it remains one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach out.

As well as the largest reach, there are many other reasons why email marketing is a very beneficial marketing strategy for businesses.

It’s targeted directly at the individual

Gone are the days of placing an advertisement on a billboard with no real idea of who is going to see it; successful marketing is all about directly targeting your subscribers.

This can be done through email marketing as it gives you the ability to monitor who you’re sending emails to based on their demographics, location or interests. For example, if your company was offering a product sale in England, then you can make sure that this certain promotion email is only sent to English subscribers. This ensures that your subscribers are only receiving information relevant to their needs, establishing a deeper relationship between brand and client which perhaps isn’t possible through other forms of internet marketing.

You can also add extra touches such as addressing them by their name at the top of the email, creating an even more personal relationship between client and brand.  

Don’t forget, with email subscriptions, it’s usually the client who has chosen to receive the emails in the first place so catering to their needs makes the experience better for them and they are more likely to not only invest but also recommend your products/services.

It’s low in cost

This form of marketing is cheap in comparison to a large number of other marketing strategies. For example, there are no printing charges, postage fees or advertising rates for coverage in certain magazines or billboards. As far as marketing strategies go, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, having one of the best returns on investment. With every £1 spent on email marketing in the UK, the average return is £38.

It’s easy to measure

Analytics are at the core of measuring the successfulness of any marketing campaign. What’s great about email marketing is that it provides very specific analytics such as delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention rates. This not only helps to measure the success of a campaign but also gives you the opportunity to learn about individual clients which is essential when it comes to direct targeting. Businesses who use email marketing usually see results within minutes of sending an email, making it a very immediate form of marketing which, after all, is what business is all about!

In today’s ever-changing world of technology, it may seem hard to keep up with the latest marketing strategies but sometimes it’s all about taking it back to the basics.

Email marketing was around before many other currently popular forms of marketing such as social media marketing, yet it’s still proven to be the most effective.

Here at Heart CMS, we look at email as the currency of the web and an essential component of marketing your business. If you’re looking to boost sales and brand exposure through an email marketing campaign then feel free to chat to us and we will suggest the most effective ways we can help build the perfect campaign for your business.

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