By: Amen Sharma / May 19, 2017

Is Social Media Bad For Our Health?

This week Instagram was rated the worst social media platform for young people around the world when it came to health and wellbeing. It’s not the first time that social media has been talked about in regards to health. The three elements: Loneliness, Depression and Body Image Anxiety are the main risks that apply to users. Not far behind in the fifth position was Youtube which scored badly in regards to risk to users for impact on sleep.

The government is now implementing a new process with social media companies which will be called “The right to innocence”. This will allow users to delete any embarrassing materials which relate to them and that could affect their health. Users between 14 and 24 are the most infected by the three elements above. The worst social media platforms for health and wellbeing in order are shown below:

1. Instagram
2. Snapchat
3. Facebook
4. Twitter
5. Youtube

The government is concerned that the age-group will lower over time and could affect children from the age of 12 years old. Therefore the UK government is now looking at legislation to be put in place with social media companies to protect vulnerable children.

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