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Instagram super model and fitness guru Ainsley Rodriguez with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. We at HeartCMS manage Ainsley’s Website, Online Memberships, App and Fitness Books.

Website Design

Mobile App Design

Step into the world of Ainsley Rodriguez and be the first to see exclusive videos, photos and upcoming news. With the official Ainsley Rodriguez app you will be able to get access to my behind the scenes footage with just one click of a button.

Be the first to enter monthly competitions with the chance to win a range of top prizes and be able to share your favourite media with friends and family.

If you love fitness, workout plans and want access to free recipes…. then go ahead and download now.


Book Publishing


We designed and published Ainsley’s latest book: A Sexy New Me.

This program is catered to anyone who wants to better themselves. Here is a formula that I’ve tried, tested and proven on myself as well as my personal clients. This is for anyone and everyone that has always imagined a complete workout routine. Every 6 weeks I will introduce and add a new system or method to not only keep boredom away, but to cause the body to make new adaptations resulting in positive change.


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