By: Amen Sharma / August 4, 2018

Instagram Hacks For A Professional Look

Want to make your Instagram have that great aesthetic look to keep in with the style of your business / blog? Then here we have some of our quick and easy tips for you to make your Instagram the best it can be.

We know all the tricks of the trade and can help maximise your engagement and growth on all major social media platforms.

Line Breaks In Your Bio

Your bio is the first thing people see when they land on your Instagram feed, so you want it to look its best with all the relevant information about you and your business to be in there whilst keeping it looking simple and professional.  Adding line breaks will leave a great first impression instantly!

  • Open the notes section of your phone
  • Type out your bio and use the return button to create a new line of text
  • Copy this text into your Instagram bio by clicking ‘edit profile’
  • Paste it into the ‘bio’ section and click ‘done’

Get Yourself On The Explore Page

The ‘name’ field on your Instagram is searchable.  Use this to your advantage by putting any keywords related to your business in this sections.  This means if anyone searches for those keywords, you’re more likely to appear!

Edit this the same way as you edit your bio but click on the ‘name’ field instead.

Link Profiles & Hashtags In Your Bio

Instagram now has clickable text in the bio, so you can add a ‘@’ or ‘#’ before a keyword or account that is related to your business giving people the ability to learn more.

This could be really beneficial if you have a hashtag campaign or your business has more than one account.

Hide Your Hashtags

We all know engagement can be boosted loads by adding some relevant hashtags.  You’re allowed up to 30 per post but it can look messy having them with your caption.  There is a simple solution for this- add a series of dashes or dots each on a separate line then put your hashtags underneath this.  When you upload it will keep your caption clear and easy to read.

Alternatively, after you post, put all the hashtags in as the first comment on your post.  This will keep it relevant and searchable but hide them all in the comments.

Hide When You’re Online

Read someone’s message but don’t want to appear rude if you don’t reply straight away?

Hide when you were last active on Instagram by turning off your ‘activity status.’

  • tap on the ‘settings’ icon
  • Scroll to ‘activity status’
  • Swipe the slider button to turn off

Hide Old Posts Without Deleting

If you’ve been focusing on the aesthetics of your page recently, then you’ll probably find a few posts that don’t quite fit in anymore.  Luckily you can archive them instead of delete them!

  • On a post you want to hide, click the three dots in the top right corner
  • Select ‘archive’ and it will be removed from your feed
  • To view all archived posts, tap the icon top right of your profile
  • To restore the post, click ‘show on profile’ and it will go where it was originally on your feed.

Share Someone’s Post In Your Story

Found a post that fits in with your business or is someone showcasing your product?  You can share their exact post directly to your story!

All you have to do is tap on the arrow button at the bottom of the post you want to share.  There will be an option to ‘add post to your story.’ This will open it into a story where you can add any edits, stickers or text you like!

Increase Instagram Stories Views

Up to 10 hashtags can be used on an Instagram story post, so are you using them?

By adding hashtags to your story you have a better chance of being seen by a larger audience.  Most hashtags have their own stories attached to them when someone searches the hashtag!

We hope these tips will help your Instagram look it’s best and even get you more engagement for your business or personal page!

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Director of and author of UK's bestselling online marketing book 'The Google Checklist'. Amen loves to help small to medium size businesses get more online exposure. Amen started his online marketing journey back in 2006 and now runs his own award winning marketing agency.

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