By: Amen Sharma / August 17, 2018

How To Make Your Instagram Bio Stand Out

The Instagram bio is the new homepage, it needs to attract new followers and customers in an instant. The bio needs to be short, sharp and precise, allowing people to get a feel for who you are and what you do, in just a few words. This is the beginning of your homepage, to catch the eye of the customer in an instant.

Just like your goal is to convert visitors into customers from your website homepage, this is translated to the viewers of your Instagram profile, when they come across your page. Your bio needs to be fully-equipped to make a great first impression and here are some great tips to make yours a great one.

Attract new customers

Your bio needs to instantly explain what your business is and what you do. It is important to utilise your selling points, highlighting any areas of expertise, profession, hobbies or interests. It should also focus on how you intend to help or inspire your ideal followers – make it about them.

Think of the bio of the first thing you want to say to a potential customer/client when they first meet you. You want them to know exactly who you are and what you’re about, as well as what you can do for them and why you’re better than everyone else, in a very short space of time. By speaking directly to your target audience, you will attract more quality followers, who understand your brand, becoming more loyal and returning customers. Who may, in turn, continue to promote your brand.



Add clickable links

Until recently, your bio could only contain one clickable hyperlink – usually at the bottom. The recent update, however, allows you to share hashtags and profiles into your usernames, all as clickable likes. This will help direct traffic to appropriate hashtags or profiles, i.e. using your personal Instagram to promote your business.

Also, the addition of hashtags into your bio enables profile visitors to click directly through to view the respective content, so share your brand hashtag easily. It is an easy way to share your brand hashtag to the community and invite others to take part as well.


Your Instagram bio should be utilised to drive traffic to different URLs, i.e. specific blog posts, items featured on a website, a specific document, etc. This can be done by using, preventing the need to constantly switch up the URL and call-to-action in the bio, to align with your most recent posts.

This makes it extremely easy to redirect visitors to specific products or pages, referenced in individual posts. is a useful tool, proved by all those times you’ve scrolled down a few weeks to an older post and found a specific product, only to follow the link in the bio to be redirected to something completely different. And the most recent update allows five different URLs in one post, allowing you to tag a variety of products in each post.

Make it an Instagram business profile

Everything is about ease, the easier something is, the more likely you’ll be able to generate an audience. If a new visitor can find you on Instagram and instantly make contact and find your location, it reduces the hassle of having to search etc. and is more likely for steps to continue as no work is needed.

Having an Instagram business account also allows you to create promoted posts and ads, as well as accessing built-in analytics and adding links to Instagram stories. By transferring to a business profile, you can include all your contact details without using up character space in your bio. This enables visitors to easily click on any of the links in your bio, or directly reach out to you via email/phone.

Instagram highlights

One of the best new features of Instagram is the addition of highlights. Highlights are a permanent collection of your best Instagram stories, which can be utilised to promote products in day-to-day life. This means that anyone visiting your page can view your best stories, even after they’ve gone from your story. If used well, stories can highlight all the best bits of your brand, enticing them to view the rest of your page.

You can use highlights like different pages on your website, i.e. one for each type of clothing or product you make. As the saying goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, which is certainly true when you can advertise your brand in pictures, rather than the limited number of characters available in your bio. Are you looking to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends then visit our blog page at HeartCMS.

Take home message

It is evident just how important it is to utilise your instagram bio to attract your ideal audience, drive more traffic and make more sales. With instagram constantly updating, it is vital to stay on top of the ball to ensure you’re utilising all it has to offer. Here are some great tips and tricks to get you started, with a simple take home message to keep in check!

  • Write good call-to-actions
  • Keep it short and sweet (140-160 characters)
  • Promote your brand identity in pictures
  • Use hashtags and URLs to direct products
  • Include key information


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