By: Amen Sharma / July 30, 2018

How To Keep Your Shoppers During Checkout

On average, 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned during eCommerce retail checkouts. Most shoppers are adding goods to their shopping cart but not completing their transaction.

Why is this?

Well, according to research there are multiple reasons for this, the most commonly mentioned reasons are:

Extra costs (61%)

Forced account creation (35%)

Impossibility to see the total cost up-front (24%)

Complicated checkout process (27%)

With these statistics, it should be quite easy for designers and marketers to fix their shopping cart procedure and get more confirmed purchases.  However, the reasons for cart abandonment rate don’t seem to be changing as they have stayed the same from 2013- 2016.

At times, the checkout process can become complicated, require a lot of time and ask for a lot of personal data.  These reasons can all be off-putting to the potential customer. Marketers still have lots to do to improve the conversion rate within a shopping cart.  Shoppers want an easy to use shoppable website that requires minimal effort.

Here are our top ways to improve the checkout process straight away.

Total Cost Shown After Adding Items To Cart

Lots of people click on the shopping cart just after adding an item so they can see the final cost. Don’t make people go through the rigmarole of filling in their details before seeing the total costs of delivery and any VAT.

By not requiring details before showing shipping prices, you gain trust from the customer that you are a legitimate and safe company to use.

Cost Description

Show all extra fees and taxes, even if the shipping fee is free because people want to be sure they know exactly how much they’re paying.

If you offer any additional services show the costs of those here too.

No Account Required

So many companies make it a requirement to have an account in order to purchase from them. Having the option to check out as a ‘guest’ is much more appealing to customers who want the shopping process to be quick and don’t want to register an account.

Display Correct Prices For Every Location

If the price of your product or service varies depending on the country the product is being shipped to, make that clear so the consumer can see exactly how much it will cost them to receive their item.


Show any discounts available on the checkout page. Buyers love to know how they can save money. Show an area at the checkout for any promo codes, discounts or gift card numbers to be entered. Also show the benefits the shopper is getting if they continue with their purchase such as a free returns policy, free shipping or 7 days a week customer support. Having these all at the checkout will establish trust with the customer and show them they are getting a good deal.

Complementary Products

Sometimes when you buy a product, for example, a tub of protein powder from a fitness site, there are accessories that would go with them in this instance a protein shaker cup. Highlighting these at the checkout stage with a “Did you forget something” area will prompt a quick purchase. This is also great if you have a designated amount that entitles the customer to free shipping as it may let them obtain the deal.

Create A Basket Dropdown Menu

Make it possible to see what you have in your basket ready to order without leaving the shopping page you are on. Customers can see how much they are spending and if they have reached free shipping limits from here. Also, leave the option for a promo code here so customers can see how much they are saving on the items they already have left them more willing to purchase more.

The Best Deals For Customers

When customers find an option to ‘apply a coupon’ but have no coupon or discount to apply, this can leave them searching for the product elsewhere or for a code to enter. On your website, offer a discount code for signing up for your newsletter or email to motivate them to make their purchase with a new discount.

Make the discount code field slightly less visible than the other items on the page. Putting it in a lighter colour or smaller font can make it less easy to see, yet those ready with a discount code to use will be looking for it and find it anyway!

Multi-Step Checkouts

Customers prefer multiple steps in a checkout more than one long page and form. You can split this into pages such as ‘do you have an account’, ‘guest checkout’, ‘select delivery method’, ‘enter the address’ and ‘enter details’.

Don’t Ask For Loads Of Personal Information

If most of your customers will be returning clients, make it easy for them to register so they can skip entering all their personal details each time they check out.

If they are a ‘guest’ then only display up to 6 input fields at a time, if you need more information than that then split it up into sections as suggested in the previous step.

Don’t make new customers feel like they’re signing their life away with details such as their date of birth which isn’t really necessary.

To Summarise

The checkout can be the most dangerous step in keeping a customer in their shopping experience, which is why you need to pay attention and check what is working and not working regularly.

It needs to be free of as many unnecessary steps as possible and be transparent about all prices and charges the customer will pay- this is more likely to create a customer that trusts you and is happy to return to your website in the future!

Do you need help creating an e-commerce website with a user-friendly checkout? Head over to our website or drop us a call on 0800 471 4841 to find out how we can help you.

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