By: Paz Sharma / April 19, 2018

How to create viral content

Whether you’re a full-time blogger or marketing your business through company blog posts and/or across social media channels, we all dream of creating that viral content that sweeps our website off the ground.

Viral content is content that becomes very popular very quickly leading to increased brand exposure by reaching new audiences and driving traffic to your website.

As the holy grail for many companies, it may seem like creating viral content is just a case of luck but there is some pretty straightforward reasoning behind why content goes viral.  

For pretty much all content that has gone viral, there lies one key reason why – it’s shareable. You need people to share your content in order for it to spread rapidly so here are some tips on how to create viral content by engaging your reader and as a result, increasing your content shareability.

The importance of visual content

Whether that’s photographs, video or infographics, it’s important to include high-quality visual content as it remains one of the key drivers to a successful blog or social media post.   Therefore, it’s probably worth investing in good equipment and editing software to get your visuals up to scratch.

Keep your content short and snappy

No one wants to read reams and reams of text, so presenting your text as short paragraphs or breaking them up with visuals can be a great way of keeping your reader engaged throughout.

Creating practically useful content

Creating content that is useful to the reader means that they are more likely to share it to help others in their social circle. But how do you create useful content?

So you’ve written a company blog post and given lots of useful tips to your reader about a certain topic…but what comes next? Making clear how your content can help the reader directly such as providing links to relevant services in your company or information regarding the next steps in the process will increase its usefulness to the reader even further.

Positive content

Positive and uplifting content is more likely to get shared as it projects a positive image of ourselves that we want other people to see on social media.

Content that stirs emotion

Introducing a human angle to your content, whether that’s generating awe, surprise, anger, humour, happiness, sadness, is more likely to be shared by readers because the content becomes more relatable.

Newsworthy content

When looking to create new content, have a look to see what’s trending. See if there is a certain topic that is being widely circulated and if you can adapt any of those trends to your company-specific content. As well as content that stirs emotion, content that is informative and relevant to current affairs also has a high shareability value as once again, it reflects well on the reader.  

Don’t be afraid to try different things

When attempting to make content that goes viral, it’s largely about figuring out what type of content works best with your business. Don’t be afraid to try out different styles of content and see which receives the most attention from readers, with the key focus on how many people are sharing it. You can then create more content in your most popular style, increasing the amount of traffic that’s being driven to your site more quickly.

In summary, content that is trendy and reflects well on the reader is more likely to be shared.  It’s also not usually the newest or most original idea that will go viral, it’s very common on the internet to see the same topics going viral over and over again.

Another way of making your content more shareable is by making sure it has high levels of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Our bestseller, The Google Checklist, explains all about the importance of SEO in creating good content and how this can aid your business growth.

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