By: Paz Sharma / August 24, 2017

Google has a new feature for Google My Business

News alert for business users! Have you heard about the new feature on Google My Business? Google Posts is the latest thing going which can help your business when it comes to sharing relevant information directly on Google Search and Google Maps.

So why should your business use Google Posts?
Over 80% of people use search engines when looking for services or products from your businesses. It’s great for new potential customers as well as existing customers as you can keep them up to date about special promotions, events, new products and services. Google Posts do however only stay live for 7 days but continue to stay live under the Posts tab under Mobile.

It’s important to include relevant keywords to SEO as this will help boost the SEO criteria for your website. Similar to the social platform Instagram the Posts should be eye catching, clear and relevant to the subject advertised. What else is great? As a business owner, you can also see the number of people that viewed or even clicked on the posts which have been published. It’s very simple to create a post on Google, you can do this using your desktop or mobile device.

The best thing is that there are no penalties for having duplicate content, not as yet anyway! If you would like more information on how to use Google Posts then call our team of specialist at HeartCMS or drop us an email here.

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