By: Paz Sharma / January 26, 2018

Google – The Knowledge Graph

What is the Google Knowledge Graph?

Back in 2012 Google launched the “Knowledge Graph”. The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base used by Google and its services to enhance its search engine results with information gathered from a variety of sources on the internet.

The Knowledge Graph is Google’s way of connecting information together. It’s a very clever system. For example, If you were to search for a specific company, the Knowledge Graph will show an almost complete profile, depending on how well they did their SEO work.

Searching for a recently released music will show images, banners, reviews and music details.

So how does the Google Knowledge Graph help SEO?

Google’s main objective is to provide people with a correct answer to all their questions. To do that, it doesn’t just present the result that closest matches a search term, but also by making broader connections between the data itself. To get your content in the Knowledge Graph, you need to become an authority on your subject.

You need to find out what people search for by doing keyword research using Google tools, write killer content which is better than your competitors and make sure your site is Google friendly (as much as possible) and mobile-friendly.

Use efficient data to mark up important parts of your site to make it easier for Google to understand what it is all about and don’t forget to register your site with Google Search Console and My Business.

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