3 Top Reasons Why You Should Blog

Our customers often ask us whether blogging is important so therefore I have decided to write about blogging. We have picked out 3 top reasons why blogging is so important and how it can help your business grow and get more exposure. Direct Traffic To Your Website Blogging is a great way to drive traffic […]

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Do you have an SSL certificate? You should

In a recent update from Google, their Chrome web browser is now showing websites without an SSL security certificate as ‘insecure’. This is a follow up from Google’s effort to ensure that the entire web runs through HTTPS only. If you’re a consumer, this is awesome fo you. But you might be thinking, what is an […]

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Youtube Cover

YouTube launches live mobile streaming

Google-owned YouTube is trying to catch up with Facebook Live and Twitter-owned Periscope. It’s finally adding a live-stream button to the YouTube mobile app, even though it’s already offered the feature in a limited capacity for about 5 years. While YouTube live streamed the Royal Wedding in 2011 and a 360 degree live stream of […]

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Hackers Login

Hackers Target WordPress Bloggers

WordPress blogging software has recently failed to patch up the weak security on their blog websites. It has been said 40,000 domains and over 1 million pages have been attacked by professional hackers. A security firm called Securi were the first to identify the attack by the hackers and have said that some hackers are […]

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Facebook ads

Facebook Gives Marketers New Data Tools to Compare to TV

Facebook is refining its ad measurement offerings to give marketers more information about their campaigns on its ad platform. On Tuesday, the social network announced an expansion of partnerships with third-party ad tech companies, promising better quality data. Facebook said it was trying to give marketers a more accurate grasp of how ads on the […]

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Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Joins Suit To Stop Immigration Ban

Microsoft has joined forces with the Washington state government to fight against Donald Trump’s recent immigration-related executive order. Microsoft is the third Washington-based tech company to get involved, other big companies such as Amazon and Expedia have also stated their case against the new order. Amazon and Expedia have been preparing statements and reports to […]

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Trump inauguration sets record numbers for streaming

The 2017 presidential inauguration, according to Akamai, a US-based content delivery network, is the largest single live news event that the company has delivered. Live video streaming of the event peaked at 8.7 Tbps (terabytes per second) at the start of President Trump’s speech. That exceeded a record set on election day on November 8, […]

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5 Things You Should Never Do On Twitter:

Twitter is a very powerful social media platform when it comes to communication and connecting with people around the world. An average of 5700 tweets take place every second. With a record of 241 million active users, it’s still at the top along with the other competitors such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. When we […]

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3 Top Gadgets From CES 2017

Every year we wait to hear from the biggest gadget show in the world. With hundreds of different gadgets being on the show, we decided to pick 3 of our favour gadgets that made headlines in the technology world! The Griffin Connect Toaster Griffin technology is well known for their apple and Samsung connectivity products. […]

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Iphone Apps

Most Trending Topics For 2016

Every day there’s something new trending on the internet. Usually, the social media platforms follow on after each other setting the trend. Google is magnificent when it comes to data analysis. Let’s have a look at which made it into Googles top 10 trending list this year! Powerball Money makes the world go round as […]

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Smartphone Photography - Web Design Nottingham

January 31, 2020

5 Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Photography

Photography is a key component of running any business. Your customer wants to see everything from your behind the scenes to your products, but capturing them in their best light can be a struggle when you’re first starting out. The good news is, you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on the latest camera […]

How Instagram Algorithm Works HeartCMS

September 17, 2018

How The Instagram Algorithm Works

Earlier this year, Instagram announced that they would be updating the algorithm to make it appear more chronological. In the past few days, Instagram has announced how they organise our feeds. We know, Instagram can be crucial for your business, so knowing how the algorithm works could do wonders for your social media marketing. Your […]

Hashtags for SEO

September 11, 2018

Utilising Hashtags For SEO

The growing age of social media has seen vast improvements in how we can utilise it for businesses. This can be anything from the theme of your bio, stories and highlights on Instagram, to backlinks on Facebook and YouTube. But something you may be missing is mastering hashtags for SEO. An Instagram post with at […]