Guide to Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be the next revolutionary thing for your business. Instagram stories are a fun and creative way to engage with your followers, but they also contribute to brand awareness and growing engagement. This guide gives you all the tips you need to use Instagram stories to maximise your profit through driving traffic and […]

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Glastonbury to be most shared live event

EE has made the bold claim that Glastonbury festival will be the most shared live event of 2017. As official technology partner, the company expects to handle 33% more 4G data requests than in 2016 thanks to the proliferation of video sharing services on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In the sports world, the rise […]

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Skype turns into Snapchat

Skype’s updated app provides us with a Snapchat makeover. It seems that every social media platform is challenging Snapchat and yet again we have an another challenger on the scene. Skype has just implemented a Snapchat style makeover on their mobile phone app. Microsoft has confirmed that the app has been fully rebuilt to allow […]

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Instagram shopping is expanding

Mobile has enabled shopping to become even easier, allowing you to browse and purchase items at your fingertips; whilst eating dinner, commuting to work or lying in bed. Whilst browsing is effortless, I am sure we have experienced the pain of not being able to find that item you must have whilst browsing Instagram. Fortunately, […]

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In-store buys more after mobile research, report suggests

A new Yieldbot study released recently suggests that consumers are making their in-store purchasing decisions based on a quick review of a product on their mobile phones which suggests that although word of mouth advice from friends and families remain the top resource for considering a product, mobile advertising is increasingly as influential to making […]

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Instagram adds face filters, continuing it’s cloning of Snapchat

After copying Snapchat’s Stories feature last August, Instagram is releasing a version of its selfie lenses today, finishing off a cloning of Snapchat’s most beloved features just as its parent company, Snap Inc., is getting its footing on the public market. The only thing missing is Discover, a collection of just-for-Snapchat media created by professionals […]

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Is Social Media Bad For Our Health?

This week Instagram was rated the worst social media platform for young people around the world when it came to health and wellbeing. It’s not the first time that social media has been talked about in regards to health. The three elements: Loneliness, Depression and Body Image Anxiety are the main risks that apply to […]

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Facebook Clamp Down On Fake News

Facebook turns to newspaper ads to underline fake news clampdown ahead of UK General Election Facebook has invested in a series of national UK newspaper ads to highlight its fake news crackdown ahead of the UK General Election. The social network has also unveiled fresh measures designed help it rank the viability of articles read […]

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Top 5 Antivirus Software of 2017

When it comes to Windows, virus and spyware protection is a must. With so many protection software packages on the market, we have picked 5 of our favourite software packages that we know work and believe are worth downloading. Some of these offer a free trial package with a basic cover and will allow you […]

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Google has tweaked its auction to no longer favour its own bids over competition

Google has tweaked its auction to no longer favour its own bids over competition Publishers rejoice, Google is set to relinquish the so-called ‘last look’ its own DoubleClick AdExchange had on auctions that mean it is able to bid on every impression and consequently always outbid others. Previously, the DoubleClick AdExchange would wait for other […]

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Latest from the blog

September 17, 2018

How The Instagram Algorithm Works

Earlier this year, Instagram announced that they would be updating the algorithm to make it appear more chronological. In the past few days, Instagram has announced how they organise our feeds. We know, Instagram can be crucial for your business, so knowing how the algorithm works could do wonders for your social media marketing. Your […]

September 11, 2018

Utilising Hashtags For SEO

The growing age of social media has seen vast improvements in how we can utilise it for businesses. This can be anything from the theme of your bio, stories and highlights on Instagram, to backlinks on Facebook and YouTube. But something you may be missing is mastering hashtags for SEO. An Instagram post with at […]

September 5, 2018

The Benefits Of Local Social Media

We have become an age where we check our phones all day, doing emails in bed, stare at computers all hours and stay up late mindlessly scrolling through social media. We are barraged with advertising, news, updates and work all day, every day. There is a huge noise that is now spread across social media, […]