What Is Periscope?

Periscope is an App, which allows you to stream your live events to anyone around the world. You can also find other people around the world and watch their live stream. The great thing is you that can comment, ask questions, and send hearts to the broadcaster in real time. Similar to other social media […]

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Google Remarketing

What Is Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing is a very powerful tool which allows you to show your ads to visitors who have already discovered your business and been to your website. If any users leave your website without purchasing a product or enquiring about a service, Google Remarketing will store this information and will display your ads to these […]

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Snapchat To Show Adverts

Going forward Snapchat will start to show adverts in between your friend’s stories. That’s right! Snapchat was first released back in 2011 and four years down the line it’s now the most talked about social media platform. Snapchat will make these adverts, but marketing agencies will also have the power to create them too. We […]

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Twitter Logo

Millions Of Twitter Accounts Get Hacked

Twitter have locked out millions of users due to their social media platform which was recently hacked. Over 30 million account details were taken and put for sale by the hackers. Twitter have recently stated that they are confident that their servers have not been hacked, and believe the details may have been stolen from […]

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Amazon Takes On The High Street Supermarkets

Amazon loves to dominate the internet market and this week they have again announced a new service within the UK. Amazon Prime users will now have the option to order their weekly shopping and get it delivered the same day! Yes, the new Amazon Fresh food service will only be available for those that live in […]

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Insta Logo Old

Instagram make changes to their algorithm

Unfortunately, change is inevitable. Instagram plans to implement its algorithm changes which they had announced back in March. The new change will help Instagram users find the most relevant and related content for them. At the moment Instagram shows the images in the order they were uploaded. […]

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Google Text

Google Adwords Update

Last week Google held a conference at which they spoke about the changes on Google Adwords. Lets have a look at few of our favourite updates that recently came from it. Responsive Google built display Ads (Mobile) Google knows that there are billions of Google searches carried out, so they have announced that their new […]

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Microsoft plans to scale down its smartphone business:

The smartphone market has always been competitive. This week Microsoft have announced plans to cut over 1,800 jobs with its plan to cut back with its smartphone business. With competitors such as Apple and Samsung, Microsoft have been struggling for some time now. It is said that the firm has cancelled its future plans on […]

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French Police Raid Google’s Paris Headquarters

Just when you think things can’t get any worse. The latest news is that Google headquarters in Paris have just been raided by French police in relation to money laundering. French authorities believe that Google owes approximately 1.6 billion euros back in taxes! This was not just a small investigation, the raid consisted of 100 […]

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Google Adword

New Changes to Google Adwords

Google are always looking to update their platforms so that they remain at the top of their game. This is great for Google users as it helps them with return on investment when using Google Adwords. The new changes haven’t yet been announced, although you can click the link below and register to watch their […]

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