By: Amen Sharma / August 6, 2018

All There Is To Know About Apple’s AirPower Charging Mat

Apple is aiming to get their AirPower wireless charging mat available for purchase by September after some technical difficulties.

They first announced the AirPower wireless charging mat in September 2017 with rumours that suggested it would’ve been released in March.  Understandable, Apple has faced “technical hurdles” due to the complexity of the circuitry involved and having to run multiple tests to make sure the mat doesn’t overheat.  

The AirPower is being created by Apple so three devices can be charged in one go from it.  This could be a combo of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, or even the AirPods with a special case on them.  Engineers are working to fix firmware-related issues, as Apple is wanting users of the AirPower mat to be able to place their devices anywhere on the mat and still receive the same charging ability.

As Apple continues with delaying the release of this product, other companies are trying to use this to their advantage and release something similar before them as the demand for a product like this is high.

What else do we know about the product?


Apple has made no official statement in relation to the price of AirPower but we know the official Apple products don’t always come cheap.

There are debates on why their prices so high, some call it ‘Apple Tax’; the price you pay for purchasing the Apple version of a product instead of a different brand.  Others, however, say the extra costs come from it being the best technology with the most extensive research and the development costs of it.

Some researchers have made suggestions that it could cost anywhere from £70-£200.


The Airpower charger looks pretty similar to the wireless chargers already available.

Apple’s September 2017 keynote showed that from the video they showed the AirPower will be a large white mat that is big enough to have three devices on it, with on single lead that connects to the wireless charger.

The system within the AirPower is rumoured to be cleverly designed to be able to decide how much power each device you place on the mat requires.

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Are you looking forward to this Apple release? Or do you manage just fine with multiple chargers for your devices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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