By: Amen Sharma / June 18, 2018

All The New Instagram Features Released In 2018

So far this year Instagram have been releasing so many new features to keep it ever-changing and to make sure all of their uses can connect with their audiences in new ways!

We’ve put together all you need to know so you can make the most of Instagram, take a look at below to find out more…

The Instagram Features Changing Your Feed

Instagram API Changes

  • Most Instagram bots that automatically follow and unfollow accounts have stopped working.
  • Your Instagram “likes” are now private, so other companies can’t tell what you’ve liked.  This mainly affects shopping apps that would be able to keep track of your interests and promote to you based on your likes.
  • The apps that could help you analyse your followers or even someone else’s followers now don’t work.  This also includes the apps that could tell you when someone unfollowed you.
  • You can’t post or delete comments from anywhere except with your personal account.  This means if you want these features on anything other than your personal account you will have to switch to an Instagram business profile.

Automatically Schedule Instagram Posts

Business profiles now have the ability to schedule single photo posts to Instagram without the use of push notification.  This is currently only for single photo posts and is not available to use for videos or multiple-photo posts.

This means you can plan ahead and around your busy work schedule to ensure the content you want is being posted at the times you want without interfering with your day!

The New Instagram Algorithm

The new algorithm tries to predict what photos and videos would be the most relevant to you.  It uses three main factors to predict this: interests, timeliness and relationship.

Instagram’s main goals is to help you see the posts from your “friends and family” which were often easily overlooked or missed previously.  People now see 90% from their friends and family whereas before they only saw 50% when Instagram had a chronological feed.

Add Username and Hashtag Links To Your Instagram Bio

Previously, any account names or hashtags mentioned in an accounts were not clickable.  Now Instagram has changed this so by adding an “@” or “#” to your bio and which leads to an account name or hashtag, it will become a clickable hyperlink enabling more content to be discovered and pages to grow.

Ads Can Be Created From Existing Instagram Posts

Instagram are introducing a feature which allows users to turn their existing Instagram posts into ads within Power Editor and Ads Manager.  Beforehand the only way to post an ad was by using the “promote” button within the app.  The new update will only be available for single photos and videos and will not be available for carousel, multi-picture posts, Instagram stories, branded content and Instagram shopping.

The New Instagram Features for Instagram Stories

Add New Fonts, GIFS and Tag In Your Stories

  • Add personality by using new font styles and colours to the photo or video you’re posting on your story.
  • Add GIFs by searching their extensive library provided by GIPHY to help you promote your content or express yourself.
  • As well as being able to add your location, you can now add other account users Instagram handle which can lead to the relevant friend, brand or business in the picture or video.

Focus Portrait-Mode Camera

This feature will help you take a more professional looking portrait picture without the need of the top range iPhone or any other photography equipment!  This feature will be in the same location as the other picture and video features such as Boomerang are located.

Repost Instagram Stories

If you have been tagged in another accounts Instagram story, a notification will be sent to your DM’s which enables you to share it to your own profile.  You can share the post as it is or you can even edit it!

This is beneficial to those promoting a business or for you to post content related to your own business.

Re-Share Instagram Posts to Stories

If you want to engage with another user and promote their content from their feed to your following, there is now an option to share their posts to your story and edit them.  It tags the original user in the posts so people can view their other content.  This is a great way to engage with other users and also a way to get more people looking at your own content!

Upload Bulk Photos and Videos To Stories

Currently this is only available to those with Android devices, but you can now add multiple items of multimedia in one go to your Instagram story whereas previously you would have to upload and edit each photo or video individually to your story.

Share Your GoPro Content and Spotify Playlists

GoPro videos can be uploaded straight to your Instagram Stories,  this is great for travel bloggers who want to share their high quality content on the go.

Instagram have also teamed up to allow Spotify users to post their favourite songs and link their playlists to their Instagram stories so instead of just posting a screenshot, the link for the song or playlist will be available for the person viewing your story to swipe up and enjoy themselves on their own Spotify account.

Emoji Slider Polls

As an alternative to the voting polls available on Instagram, you can now choose an Emoji with comes with a sliding scale for users to choose how much they like or dislike something you post on your story.  This is a fun and easy way to get people to engage with your profile!

New Instagram Explore Page

Instagram Explore page is getting a makeover enabling users to explore more content easily.  Along with exploring posts similar to ones you already like or account you follow, you will be able to browse content via a new “channels” feature which will be based on your personal interests which you can choose yourself.  This will tailor the content to ensure you’re seeing what you want to and not what Instagram thinks you want to see.

Instagram haven’t released all of these features yet, they usually roll them out in the US first before coming to UK users a few weeks later!

What do you think of all the new Instagram features being released?  Which is your favourite feature you think you will be using the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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