By: Paz Sharma / January 10, 2017

3 Top Gadgets From CES 2017

Every year we wait to hear from the biggest gadget show in the world. With hundreds of different gadgets being on the show, we decided to pick 3 of our favour gadgets that made headlines in the technology world!

The Griffin Connect Toaster
Griffin technology is well known for their apple and Samsung connectivity products. Now they have made a toaster which will allow users to manage their toaster through a smartphone app. You will be able to set the toasters from a press of a button.

Kuri Robot
Funded by Bosch, this little gadget is going to do wonders for the world. Similar to the Amazon Echo and the Google Home it will allow users to speak to the Robot, but not only will it answer questions and carry out tasks it will also respond to noises, lights and blinking motions. Great for the kids as it will even read bedtime stories to children and respond to children.

Motiv’s fitness tracking ring
When you thought that the Apple watch or Fitbit watch were the next best thing! This new technology which has the power to do exactly the same except being worn on your finger as a ring. Not bad for a piece of metal which also works well with fashion.

There are plenty of more gadgets we liked and we’re confident some of these will be hitting the retailers sometime this year.



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